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ETH Zurich (ETH) - Energy Metabolism Laboratory / Friedrich Schiller University (FSU) - School of Biology and Pharmacy

Head of Michael Ristow
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Michael Ristow (Group Leader)

Long-standing expertise in establishing and characterising the role of mitochondrial metabolism as a cause of ageing and ageing-associated diseases by employing tissue-culture-models as well as genetically modified mice (M. musculus) and nematodes (C. elegans). Establishment of several links of mitochondrial metabolism and altered glucose metabolism, including diabetes mellitus, obesity and cancer. Establishment of a crucial role of mitochondrial energy conversion rates in the control of C. elegans lifespan and of a fundamentally new mechanism to explain the lifespan-extending propensities of caloric restriction, cumulating in the novel concept of mitohormesis according to which a transient increase in reactive oxygen species (ROS) formation causes a secondary and lifespan-extending increase in ROS-defense capacities of the affected organism.

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Selected Publications