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Friedrich Schiller University (FSU) - School of Biology and Pharmacy

Head of Stefan Schuster

Stefan Schuster (Group Leader)

The Schuster Group has ample experience in metabolic pathway analysis for more than a decade. In particular, modelling of E. coli and hepatocyte metabolisms has been part of projects within the Jena Centre for Bioinformatics (JCB) and still is part of several Systems Biology programs funded by BMBF. The concept of elementary flux modes proposed by the group is applied by numerous groups worldwide. Moreover, the Schuster Group is active in several other fields such as the mathematical modelling of intracellular calcium oscillations, evolutionary game theory and alternative splicing. The book "The Regulation of Cellular Systems" (1996) by Heinrich and Schuster is a pioneering monograph in systems biology.

For more information look at the Bioinformatics Group page of the Friedrich Schiller University (FSU).

Selected Publications