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About JenAge

The JenAge Centre is a multidisciplinary research centre located in Jena / Germany.

It was launched in October 2009 as a result of the successful grant application of 10 Jena-based research groups to the German Federal Ministry's of Education and Research call 'Systems Biology for Health in Old Age - Gerontosys'.

The JenAge member groups belong to the following four institutions:

The JenAge Centre is also closely linked to the Jena Centre for Bioinformatics (JCB). JCB Logo

The objective of the centre's work is to join forces between age research and systems biology.


Development and maintenance

Development and maintenance of the JenAge information resources is done by members of the Sühnel Lab at the Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI) located in Jena / Germany. The resources are the joint work of Rolf Hühne , Torsten Thalheim and Jürgen Sühnel. In addition, Kerstin Wagner, member of the FLI's Public Relations Group, and Jana Schleicher have contributed to the content of the Information Centre.